Non Diet Approach to Eating and Weight Loss


Non Diet Approach to Eating and Weight Loss

There is a new approach to weight loss that actually doesn’t involve fad diets. Here is what the non-diet approach entails:
1. The focus isn’t so much on losing weight but on being healthy in general. The idea is that if you have a healthy lifestyle, it will be inevitable
2. There is a big focus on having a healthy relationship with food instead of fearing food or seeing it as the enemy.
3. Unlike diets, the non-diet approach doesn’t have a timeframe. Instead, it’s a lifestyle change that is constantly changing and adapting with you. Because of this, it becomes something that is sustainable.
4. You don’t count calories. Instead, you focus on being more in tune with how your body feels so that you are able to give it what it needs.
5. You don’t diet. That means that you don’t restrict or deprive yourself. Instead you are able to enjoy certain foods such as starches in lesser portions from time to time. Even dessert is acceptable from time to time.
6. The focus is on eating quality foods as opposed to the quantity.
7. Protein and fiber are included in meals and snacks because they help quell hunger and ensure that you feel satisfied.
8. You accept your body as is as opposed to obsessing about being thinner.
9. You start trusting in yourself to take care of your body the way you need to, regardless of the past.
10. You have a high self-esteem no matter what.
The idea behind the non-diet approach is that by having positive and healthy attitudes towards food and your body, you are able to be healthy. While weight loss can be a by-product it isn’t the end all for this approach. That’s because the idea is that weight loss isn’t necessary for happiness. After all, true happiness can only com from within.

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