Why You MUST Love and Accept Yourself


Why You MUST Love and Accept Yourself

Do you love and accept yourself? I ask because doing so is crucial role in your ability to be happy. Here are just a few of the real life positive effects that practicing these habits can have in your day-to-day life.

1. A good self-esteem can make it so that you think bigger and better instead of settling because you A) You value yourself and B) You know you deserve better. It can really open your mind to you getting everything you want and need in life and it can also make it so that you feel much more optimistic and clear-minded on whatever it is that you are working on.

2. A positive self-image can help you to avoid putting yourself in negative situations such as being with a person that is manipulative and toxic because it registers in your mind that that behavior is unacceptable to you.

3. A deep love for yourself can compel you to reach your goals. This can mean that you no longer have the desire to procrastinate and that even when things aren’t easy, you keep moving forward because you want the best for yourself and because a part of you knows that … you can do it.

4. Self-love and self-acceptance can help you to keep a stable emotional mindset even in situations where you’ve made mistakes. This decreases the chances of you giving up when you’ve hit a roadblock or personalizing your shortcomings. Everybody experiences both but it’s what you do with them that separates those who ultimately become really success with those that don’t.

5. Studies indicate that people who love themselves and are not too critical of themselves are less prone to developing anxiety or depression. That is a huge win that anybody could benefit from.

6. A high self-worth can be the drive or motivation for getting rid of harmful habits such as quitting smoking. When you feel good about yourself, you think twice about compromising your well-being because it’s like you become your own baby.

7. Research has shown that self-acceptance can lead to a greater overall sense of satisfaction in your own life, so that you feel good about yourself and your place in the world.

Give yourself self-love and self-acceptance and the effects will positively ripple into every part of your life. It’s no wonder why so many motivational experts and speakers talk about self-love as the first step toward emotional healing.


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