Are You Your Own Best Friend?


Are You Your Own Best Friend?

Are you looking for your basic emotional needs to be met by something or somebody else? I ask because I see this on a regular basis. So for example, I would say that about half of the smokers that I’ve now hypnotized in my career are people who see cigarettes as their best friend. I’ve had people come in here and cry their eyes out because they are already mourning the loss of their best friend. Many of these people have been smoking since they were 12 or 13.

Some of them started in college. Regardless of how they started, one of the things that they have in common is that they feel that cigarettes are their best friend. The best friend who has always been there for them, through, stress, and anxiety, through the toughest times. You and I both know the reality and that is that those cigarettes having been slowly killing that person every single time they’ve had them. But you see, our minds create interesting associations. Our minds don’t see things that way. It’s so important for us to be our own best friend and make sure that our needs met here. – within ourselves. I’m talking about having your needs met to the point where you’re not looking for something or somebody else to do that for you. That is a big mistake.

The reality is that one must be so happy with oneself and feel so
complete with oneself that you’re not looking for anything in anybody or anybody to feel fulfilled. So for example, if you are somebody who is having issues with addiction with sugar, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes or somebody who has a pattern of being in co-dependent relationships, I want you to consider that that is very telling of where you are at emotionally. If I’ve described a scenario that you are currently experiencing, then you’ve got to really work on yourself and make sure that you are good with yourself – that you’re not trying to find a crutch to lean on and that you’re not using that thing or person to distract you from the real issues that are going on inside.

People distract themselves all the time. I see this with highly successful people all the time. The person might be highly successful and highly wealthy but honestly, if the person so to speak, doesn’t have themselves, if they don’t have a positive and healthy relationship with themselves to the point where they are their own best friend, then in my eyes, the person has nothing. Nothing. You can be the richest person and if you are not your own best friend and are not committed to yourself, then you have nothing. I bring this to your attention so that you can really look within and see what your own emotional status is. Can you count on yourself to the point where regardless of anything and anybody, you feel good about yourself and you know that you are there for yourself. This is really important because when a person doesn’t have that self-love, isn’t good to themselves and doesn’t feel good about themselves, at some point in their lives, it will catch up with them. Even if they are highly successful. At some point, all of those issues will rear their ugly heads.

My friends, if I’ve mentioned something that you are experiencing, I would definitely work on it because trust me, those kind of issues, never really go away.

Ok. That’s it for me. Have a great rest of the day!


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