Even From the Worst Situations Some Good Can Come


Even From the Worst Situations Some Good Can Come

I wanted to share with you about a very special session that I had with somebody today. This man drove over hours to see me and he came in because like many people, he was experiencing a lot of grief over a lot of the trauma that he experienced as a child and as you probably know, that’s one of my Forte’s, I totally get that and I know how to help people with those kind of issues.

What was really special about this man, was that he told me that even though he had suffered from a lot of addictions, a lot of problems, he told me that his goal was to get better, for the purpose of helping others who might be going through what he’s experienced. I absolutely loved that, because he had the the hope the wherewith on the desire to get better for the purpose of helping others and he truly believed, that by getting rid of the problem, by having me help him eliminate it, that he could offer something special to somebody who could really use it and so he had this really positive attitude that he was gonna go out there and he was gonna inspire people and he was gonna really help others to make a positive difference in their lives.

I love that because more often than not I’m usually the person that’s convincing somebody else that things can get better and that they should be hopeful and positive for the future, that wasn’t the case with this guy. He was already telling me, I know that you’re gonna help me with this, I’m gonna move forward and I’m gonna do a lot of good.

So my friends, if you’re somebody who has experienced trauma or something that has really just in general, bothered you and brought you down, I want you to have in mind: even from the worst situations, something good can come. You might not see yourself as a healer yourself but, trust me, in your own capacity, you can make a positive change in somebody’s life. For me, that’s been my mission, that out of all the crap that I went through, that I’m able to help others in such a way where it’s it’s almost like a domino, like a chain reaction, you help one person and they go on to help others and others and make it so that all the stuff that you know, in my case that I’ve gone through, didn’t just happen in vain, that something positive was created and that there was this chain reaction and so this man already had that attitude and I absolutely loved it.

My friends, if you are somebody who’s experiencing a situation where you feel defeated by a situation that you experienced in the past, you feel like you can’t move on, know that that’s not true, that might be your perception, but in no way is that the truth. In reality you can move on from something and move forward in such a way where you can be a light in the darkness that somebody else is experiencing, you can make a positive difference in another person’s life. You might be thinking: Sasha, but you know, I’m not a healer, how could I do something like that?. Trust me, every single person has something to offer and your weakness can become your strength.

All right my friends, I hope you’re having a fabulous day. I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Bye!


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