Don’t Expect Anything From Anyone: A Success Mindset


Don’t Expect Anything From Anyone: A Success Mindset

As an adult, one of the most disempowering mindsets that you can have is that of expecting things from other people… of making other people responsible for your well-being. It’s even worse if what you are expecting is something that is really important for your well-being or future. That is a set-up for disappointment as people are fallible, can see things very differently and also have very busy lives that they need to tend to.

Sometimes I hear clients lament on how everybody has disappointed them. Many times, those feelings of disappointment may have started in their childhood with their mother or father, sometimes even both. Even though the person is now an adult, they keep putting themselves in situations where they’ve made other people responsible for their lives because they are still trying to get what they didn’t get as a kid. Other times, the person may have come from a privileged background where everything was given to them. This might have even continued into their early adult years so they keep expecting more of the same even though things are now different. Regardless of the set-up, expecting others to take care of you is a big mistake because it sets you up for failure on multiple levels.

You will never reach your full potential by depending on anybody else. Of course the easy way is always the most appealing but it’s also the least satisfying and riskiest way of living. The more you are able to depend on yourself, the better off you are. Even if you don’t have all the resources you need, become resourceful and be able to depend on yourself by having the mindset that one way or another, you will figure it out. And if somebody lets you down, have the attitude that now you know that you can’t depend on that person and move on. Always keep in mind that if you are an adult, the reality is that nobody owes you anything. Not your mother, not your father, not your significant other… nobody. The sooner you stop blaming others for your life and start taking back control, the better off you will be. The reality is that things happen to everybody. It’s what we do in any given situation that matters most.

With the exception of minors, every single person should have the attitude that the only person responsible for them is them. Have this attitude and you will find yourself in a much more empowered place with you knowing that you can trust in yourself.



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