Stop Trying to Get Approval From Dysfunctional People


Stop Trying to Get Approval From Dysfunctional People

You know what drives me crazy? How so many people are focused on getting approval and self-worth from other people… not just other people… dysfunctional people… it usually starts with their parents and then bleeds into other relationships. I’m talking about people such as an alcoholic or anti-social father who was highly critical of a child to the point were the child felt like they could never do anything right or a drug using mom who would constantly put her kids down. Do you know what it does to a child to constantly be told or to even just infer that they are not good enough? It can set a person up for a lifetime of trying to win the approval of others… of meeting other people that are one way or another similar to the dysfunctional people in their past… the ones that were incapable of being positive, uplifting and nurturing.

If what I’ve described rings a bell, then it’s time to start questioning those behaviors and break those old habits. Because:
A) You are more than good enough
B) Even your imperfections don’t take make from the person that you are and
C) It’s time to set boundaries.

I hope this little video helps you to start making some shifts in how you perceive yourself.


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