Hypnotherapy and Coaching For Divorces and Breakups


Hypnotherapy and Coaching For Divorces and Breakups

You know all of us at one point or another go through a really tough time in our lives. This particularly happens when we go through breakups or divorces. It can be pretty painful and one of the things that I found about the work that I do is that it really benefits people who still need to process everything that has transpired. A lot of times when there’s a really bad breakup, there’s a certain amount of trauma that’s involved that needs to get processed. This way the person is not just living in the past going over everything that happened, everything that was done, especially since a lot of times, let’s be honest, the person that you once loved could end up being your worst enemy, they can end up getting like that.

Yesterday I had a woman come in and I’ve helped her through some pretty tough stuff. Her husband has really done her dirty so to speak. She came in and she thanked me because she no longer feared him the way she had and our sessions had really worked for that and now she needed me to help with a different component when it came to that breakup.

So you know for stuff such as being able to process the past as well as being able to stay calm, especially when a person is having to deal with financial issues that are being sorted out as part of the divorce or breakup as well as any emotional baggage from that now-defunct relationship that unfortunately isn’t completely defunct, hypnotherapy is a great thing, it makes a huge difference. I have people come in for a certain number of sessions and then they tell me: I think it’s worked because I’m just doing so much better and that’s the stuff that at my office we love to hear.

So if you know anybody who’s going through a really tough breakup or divorce, then for sure they need to come and for hypnotherapy because it is just so effective and it’ll completely help that person get themselves on the right path to move forward with their lives.

Well I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll chat with you again soon.


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