Binge Eating Disorder: The Mental Component to Compulsive Eating


Binge Eating Disorder: The Mental Component to Compulsive Eating

To you this might look like a regular box of chocolates but for me this was actually a prop that I recently used in a session. My client is suffering from really bad binge eating, she’s a total anxiety eater as well and so I had her bring that in so that we could work on training our mind to have a healthy relationship to food.

For example it’s okay to like certain things, even if they’re not the healthiest things. It’s all about taking control to where you’re able to have a little of something and
not have to eat the whole box or bag so this way, you don’t have to experience the guilt and shame that always comes after doing one of those things.

Hypnotherapy is perfect for giving your mind the right mindset towards food, having a healthy relationship with food. You all know what I’m talking about, because we’ve all experienced how a lot of times, we can be in the best mental state and when we’re in that state, we don’t even think about food, but change that to a negative emotional state where you’re experiencing yourself kind of off, what happens? all you do is think about food, so hypnotherapy is great for both binge eating and anxiety eating, if you’re somebody who’s experiencing one or both of those, or some kind of other unhealthy eating pattern, you
should definitely consider it,because it is a miracle-worker and it works much better than taking any kind of pill to curb eating or anything like that.

I’m actually gonna be relaunching my mindful eating and weight release program soon to make sure that you find out about it once it’s out be sure to go to and sign up for my newsletter so that the moment is ready I can send you an email and let you know that it’s ready to go and you can go ahead and sign up and get on board and start using the same kind of techniques that I’m using with my clients here at my office, we do some amazing work here and for a lot of my clients it’s really life changing and so I would love to just be able to offer that on a larger scale and help many more people which is why I’m creating this online program already.

I hope you’re having a great day and be sure to go to my website and sign up for that newsletter and select the options that are important to you and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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