The Most Gentle Giant… Such An Amazing Soul

I’m actually teary eyed as I remember this picture. . .
It was taken about nine years ago or so. It was at the beginning of my career.
My German shepherd Kamul was my loyal guardian. I know it sounds funny but I always felt that he had been my trusty horse in a previous life.
Since he was in the large category, a lot of people preferred not to walk by him. In fact, oftentimes people would straight get off the sidewalk when they saw him coming.
He was very regal and was a master of eye contact. When he looked at you, he looked at you with wisdom.
He was the most gentle giant.
When he died, I cried for three days straight. My eyes were so swollen!
A few weeks went by and one day a woman came in for a session and she asked me if I had recently had to put a dog down. I said yes. She then told me that she was a pet psychic and that he wanted her to tell me that a month before I had to put him to sleep, that he already knew that he was on his way out.
She gave me some reassurances and then I continued to do her session.
That night I dreamt that he had placed a Japanese arrowroot plant on my desk. It was the same plant that he would regularly dig up at the house that we lived in in Venice.
And in the background, a song played that talked about how rolling stones always end up finding each other again.
Such an amazing soul which is why this #throwbackthursday is dedicated to him.

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