A Beach Escape Session… Hypnotherapy With Me! TODAY


You might not be able to physically be out and about right now but you can experience freedom in your mind.

Freedom lies in your mind and emotions.

Imagine. . .
Walking onto a white powder sand beach
Feeling that sand in between your toes
Staring out into this clear turquoise water
And having access to everything you could possibly want and need

And once you are in that beautiful place, I give you “feel good” positive suggestions.

That’s is our game plan for today.

Sign up now!
You can do the call by phone or video.
Either way is good.
Can’t make it?

That’s ok. I’ll just email you the recording after.

So sign up no matter what.

After, be sure to send me your list of positive suggestions to [email protected].

Please send them to me by 11:00pst since our call is at 1:00pst.

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