Today is World Kindness Day. Can We Celebrate It?

Today is World Kindness Day. The irony is that at least in the United States, people are more divided than ever. It’s not a problem to see things differently. The problem is when people stop trying to understand opposing points of view. Instead of behaving in more civilized, kind ways, these days you see people angrily spouting rhetoric instead of trying to understand their fellow mankind. It’s a very black and white way of seeing things with people becoming more and more rigid in how they see things. That is very dangerous to our society as a whole.

Every person you come across regardless of their ethnicity, religion and skin color is just like you.

They have their hopes and dreams, their fears and doubts, and they want to see their life improving. So the next time you are tempted to see another as the “other” and be unkind, take a moment to see them differently, to see them with kindness and compassion. Isn’t that how you’d prefer somebody to look at you?

Photographer credits to @rochellebrodinphoto Gracias!

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