Yes, the hypnotherapist hypnotizes herself. . . to eat healthy!

Eat Healthy HypnosisI’ve taken an honest look at what I eat. I’ve realized that up until now my mind has always seen a big negative when it comes to vegetables and salads. My obsession with carbohydrates started in my childhood.

I’ve never liked the taste of beef and to this day don’t eat beef or pork. My weakness use to be bacon. There’s just something about bacon! Nonetheless, I refrain from eating it since I found out that pigs supposedly have the IQ of dogs and I’m a big dog lover. So now I do turkey bacon.

My grandmother who raised us was Puerto Rican and Puerto Rican food is rich in carbs – rice, beans, plantains. Even when we did have a vegetable, it was a starchy one like yucca which is the equivalent to a potato. There is nothing leafy or green about it. Add in some avocado and that’s a whole lot of calories. While we also had chicken and fish, my grandmother and sis where absolute carnivores so while they feasted on a lot of red meat, I got used to eating mostly carbs.

I really do wish somebody would have explained to me as a child that one needed to have a balance in what one ate – proteins, carbs and fats. My grandmother just didn’t know any better. She was more focused on the nuts and bolts of raising two kids on her own than to focus on nutrition. Plus, I don’t think she knew about how different foods do different things to your body.

Since the Hypnotherapist does hypnotize herself, I’ve now started doing it to enjoy veggies and salads. I’m literally changing the past negative associations I have with eating greens and giving myself suggestions that eating vegetables and salads is something that I enjoy doing because they benefit me. I’m even making changes as to how I eat them. I’m adding in spices to all my salads so that they taste yummier to me. I’m even making it a point to feel really proud of myself when I eat them. Weight loss truly is about fine tuning – figuring out what isn’t working and then changing it to what will.

The same applies to life in general. Things have to be done differently in order for the end result to change. It doesn’t mean that it has to be an absolute sweeping change – sometimes even a very minor change can do the trick.

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