A Free Self Hypnosis Tip

Free Self Hypnosis Tip

The majority of people go about their lives not realizing the difference that self hypnosis could make in their lives.  A big secret that you may not know is that we naturally go into a state of hypnosis at night.  This happens as our minds start settling down to sleep. That’s a great opportunity for you to do a little Self Hypnosis.  Think of me as your Hypnotherapist because I’m about to guide you into your first self hypnosis experience.

As soon as you start feeling a little drowsy go to bed.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breadths and start visualizing and imagining what you want.  Imagine that you are experiencing it however you want it to be.  You can also use this to manifest the person that you want to be.  So you are pretty much imagining that it’s happening in the present.  Make it really good.  It’s almost as if you were scripting your own movie.  Allow yourself to really enjoy it – using whatever senses are dominant in you (seeing, hearing, feeling (physically), feeling (emotionally), maybe even smelling and tasting.  Experience it within your very being.    You’ll ultimately end up falling asleep and don’t be surprised if you find that you end up sleeping really well.

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