Guilt free eating

No more eating guilt with food

I’ve found that the more somebody tries to stop themselves from eating something that they really want to eat, the more tension is created in relation to that item.  That tension, more often than not, leads to the person ultimately bingeing on whatever they are supposed to be staying away from.  As a result, guilt, shame and self-loathing sets in.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through those emotions. That is why I’m allowing myself to have what I want from time to time.  I’m just focusing on just having less of it.  It keeps me from feeling like I’m missing something because I’m not.  So this weekend I had some Paella at Chaya Venice and it was delicious.  It’s one of my favorite places for paella so it’s always a treat.  While I knew I could have totally gobbled it up, I didn’t.  At one point, I put down my fork and had the waiter box it up, which made me feel really good about myself because I knew I had made the right decision.

I want to lose weight without making extreme sacrifices. I realize that because I’m doing it this way, it’s taking me longer than by doing something drastic, but that’s ok. I want to lose weight the healthy way. I know that we humans tend to want things “now” even if it’s to our own detriment, so I’m keeping my ultimate goal in perspective which is to honor myself and do this the right way.

Oct 24, 2010


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