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The man that you see above is the high priest at the Adinath Jain Temple at Ranakpur, an elaborately carved structure in Rajasthan, Western India.  On the day my travel mate and I visited this temple, the high priest served as our guide.  Sixteen generations of the high priest’s family have served at the temple in this capacity; and it was apparent by the man’s demeanor that his family’s long-standing tradition of service at the temple was a source of combined pride and humility. As the high priest explained his function in the day-to-day operations of the temple, he mentioned that a large part of his waking hours were spent in a state of meditation.  To demonstrate, he proceeded to put himself into a trance.  Being familiar with this technique firsthand, I understood exactly what he was doing.  The high priest was bringing his brain’s wavelengths to what scientists call the “alpha state.”  In this state, which is characterized by intense – though still conscious – relaxation, the mind is calmer and better able to process information more efficiently. In my own practice, my clients have occasionally described this alpha state as “feeling connected.”  There is this kind of heightened awareness that most would say gives one an inner sense of peace that is unlike anything else.

Meditation has roots as far back as ancient times. These meditative activities were no doubt intended to assist in his own spiritual growth – in line with the traditional goals of meditation; “becoming more conscious; realizing our spiritual Self; unfolding our inner light, love, wisdom and power; becoming more aware of a higher power in our lives; accelerating our journey home to our Spiritual Source.” (Malloy, J.)

Guided Imagery with Hypnosis in Los Angeles, CA

Hypnosis can be thought of as simply “guided meditation.” Spending the afternoon with the high priest reminded me of how meditation is a natural part of who we are as human beings and that if used properly, it can help a person heal and attain balance. Nowadays, most folks just lack the necessary tools to be able to tap into the benefits.

That’s where I come in.  As I often explain to my clients: Think of me as your personal navigator who helps you to lay the course through the natural ebb and flow of the mind. Together we will deepen your mind’s focus and concentration, unlock your creativity and insight, and reduce the negative physical, emotional and spiritual impact of living in today’s stress-laden world.



Sources:  Malloy, Jim. “General Information Room.” The Worldwide Online Meditation Center, 1998 – 2011.

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