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Hypnosis to eat better
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The old phrase, “You are what you eat,” captures the idea that what you eat directly impacts your physical well-being.  I had the opportunity to experience the truth of these words on a recent trip to India.  On previous occasions, many of my friends and clients had mentioned how they had experienced stomach problems and felt general discomfort upon eating the local Indian cuisine.  I decided to take some safety measures to keep healthy.  For the most part, I abided by the following rules:

#1.  Eat only properly cooked food.

#2.  Never eat from street vendors.

#3.  No meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc.)   I already don’t eat any beef or pork; I just figured that while visiting India I wouldn’t take any chances with chicken either.

The “followed these rules for the most part” was because I broke the first rule, “Eat only properly cooked food,” a couple times while staying in hotels where I felt I could trust their cleanliness standards.  The second rule, “Never eat from street vendors,” was much easier to keep. I would observe street vendors using bare hands to handle food preparation only to use the same hands to deal with money, then repeat the process immediately for the next customer.  As you can imagine, this left me with slim pickings as to what I felt I could safely eat.  During most of my trip I lived on naan (bread), daal (lentils) and paneer (cheese). These staple items, in addition to vegetable curries, left me feeling very “heavy.”  With a diet mostly absent of fresh vegetables, salads, and the like, my body didn’t feel like it was functioning properly: I didn’t feel “right.”  I felt clogged up and unhealthy.

Before traveling to India, everybody would say to me, “Oh, you’re going to lose so much weight because you’re going to be so active.”  And while it’s true, I was constantly on the go, weight loss was not the result.  Why?  Because of the type of food I was eating.  It was high calorie food.

Hypnosis to eat less

This experience reminded me of how many people who are diligently going to the gym get frustrated because they’re not losing weight.  They forget that their food choices impact their ability to lose weight.  For most people, exercise is not just enough.  Most people have busy lives so they can’t spend hours working off calories from bad eating.  Many will end up give up on their weight loss goals if they don’t see the number on the scale moving down and that is never a winning choice.

Reducing one’s calorie intake is a must for weight loss to happen.  If your goal is to lose weight, consider coming in for hypnosis for eating healthy.  I can help you to reduce your calorie intake by making healthy food choices.  Whether you find that your eating habits are out of control or you just want to lose weight or both, I can help you make that change.  Imagine pleasantly finding that not only did you order the healthiest option, but you were able to eat the right portions of it.  Hypnosis can help you make this happen.

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You can enjoy eating healthy food

And if you have limiting preconceptions about healthy food such as “It doesn’t taste good,” I can help you with that as well.  You can find healthy food tastier and satisfying.   The experience of having next to no vegetables or salads for about two weeks made me realize how truly important it is for my own sense of well-being to eat plenty of veggies and salads. Vegetables and salads aren’t just rabbit food, they’re also “important for people” food!   A week after being back home eating plenty of veggies and salads, I felt so much more comfortable in my body.  I felt all around better.  The message was clear:  Eating balanced meals is a must for one’s well being. 

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