Affirmation: Break Free of Labels

Affirmation: Break Free of Labels

Break Free of Labels. From an early age, we’re trained to shake off negativity or labels applied to us by others. But what about the way we treat ourselves?

For many, we are our own worst critics, saying and feeling things about ourselves that couldn’t be further from true.

You need to learn to accept yourself. By doing that you will allow yourself to be yourself no matter what others think about it. Everyone have something amazing to offer that is unique. When the people around you knows a version of you that is the one that has been always with them does not mean that is the only version of yourself that you can offer.

Don’t label yourself and don’t let anybody label you. In this way they will define you in the way they choose and that will make you lose control and power over yourself. You are the only person who are allowed to define yourself and you can change this anytime. You are not only a flat definition, you are much more than that.

Our minds respond very well to training — both positive and negative. The more you label yourself, the more those labels become a reality. What are you training yourself to believe today?


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