Affirmation: What You Think Matters

Affirmation: What You Think Matters. Advice for a better life

Affirmation: What You Think Matters

What you think matters. Every single day what you think will help you to reach your goals or will hinders your ability to achieve them.

Thinking ‘the worst’ and seeing bad things where other people don’t, even seeing positives as negatives are a kind of insurance policy because If you expect the worst, then you won’t be disappointed when it happens. You need to get rid of this cycle because it stops you to live the life you want.

Thinking in a negative way doesn’t just increases your risk of becoming depressed but also doesn’t help at all when suffering other illnesses.

Negative thoughts—you’re not smart enough, you need to lose weight, you’ll never find a dream job—prevent you from getting what you want and deserve from life.

These types of thoughts are symptoms of low self esteem. Your mind keeps replaying a script telling you that you’re just not good enough. Hypnosis can help you change this script by allowing your mind to take on positive suggestions and eliminate negativity.

Do you want to reach your goals by thinking positively? Call Sasha today and visit my Pinterest boards for more tips and advice to be happy and live better.


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