Where Does Your Negative Thinking Come From?


Do you find that your inner talk has been so negative for so long that you got use to it and because of it, never challenge it?

People often accept that the analysis and subsequent conclusions that their minds come to as logical. In reality, it can be far from it.

Realize that our mind never processes information and emotions without a filter. Those filters tend to be based on the past experiences that we’ve lived through.

So for example, if you were teased by your brothers as a kid and were constantly told that you were ugly and that nobody liked you, guess what, there is a high chance that as an adult, you’re still carrying those beliefs.

It makes no difference that you are this awesome person who is beautiful, intelligent and likeable because you can’t see it. Why? Because somebody else’s words managed to take root in your mind. Unfortunately, your mind made them yours.

Don’t think that the things that you experience in your childhood or early adult years don’t still impact you because they do. There’s always that part of our minds that in a split second wants to go to the past.

When this happens, you may not literally imagine a moment from the past but chances are that your mind goes to back to a feeling or emotion that doesn’t serve you.

There’s a part of our minds that is always referencing the library that is in our minds. That’s why it’s important that you pay attention to the kind of thoughts that your mind is going to.

Think of your mind like a garden. From time to time, you need to pull out some weeds, which in this case are negative thoughts and nurture the positive ways of thinking (beautiful plants) that are ultimately going to give you the things you want in life (beautiful flowers). For some, the end result might be love for oneself, that may include for their physical body – imperfections and all. It might even be success in their career that leads to abundance or something else. No matter the goal, your mind, much like soil to a growing plant, should be in the best condition to support your success.

Consider that life isn’t about surviving, it’s about living the quality life that you want to live and it all starts in your mind. Start to question what filters your mind is using to process your reality. I’ll leave this thought with you: Your mind is always doing or not doing something for a reason.

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