Be confident

Be Confident

Be confident

Be confident. Developing confidence is crucial in your growth as a person.  It’s what is going to help you achieve your goals and live life to the fullest. Many people are shy to the point that they are terrified of any idea that will lead them out of their comfort zone. These people tend to stay within the same social circle and only feel comfortable fulfilling a daily routine, but this is not living.  It is only existing.

 You want to live an exciting, joyful life, filled with joy, ambition, inspiration, and fulfillment.  You want to be surrounded by people who inspire, motivate and support you.

How do I become a confident person, you might ask? Or if you know someone that is painfully shy, how can you help them? Hypnosis in the form of Hypnotherapy is a powerful aid in retraining a person’s mind to see and experience themselves on a whole new level. It can help a person to know their self-worth so that they are able to be bolder and braver.  That’s what it takes to reach important goals.

Here are some ideas to also consider.  Fill yourself with courage and do something different every day. This does not mean that you are going to change your whole lifestyle radically, just some things that will progressively get you out of your comfort zone. My recommendation is that you go from micro to macro, you can follow these super simple steps.  The first two are entry level and the ones that follow are bigger growth opportunities:

– Start switching things up.  Wear something out of the ordinary. It can be earrings, rings, necklaces, or a lip color. Use something that you are not used to, so that you begin to feel comfortable doing something that you don’t usually do. If you are a man you can try another haircut, shave your beard, use a watch, wear sunglasses or different shoes.

– Take an alternate route. When you go to work, university, college or a restaurant, take a route that is not normal for you. You may find it a bit foreign, but that’s fine, that’s the idea!

– Actively look for new places. If you always go to the same mall or the same movie theater and always shop in the same store, it’s time to stop doing it. Breathe deeply and decide to live a little by exploring your city.

– Get involved in other activities. Besides your work and family it’s good that you get involved in group activities for fun stuff that you love. If you have always wanted to practice yoga, climbing, jogging, hiking or enter a reading or cooking group, now is the time to do it. By doing this, you’ll expand your group of friends and get out of your day-to-day routine. You’ll also be more active, relaxed, inspired and full of new ideas and aspirations.

– Be open to new people in your life. I recommend that you spend time with forward thinking people of different backgrounds (cultures & interests) who have progressive ways of thinking.  It’s good to be around people who inspire and motivate you to be the best you that you can be and who overall care about making this world a better place.  The more diverse they are the better.  This will open you to new ways of thinking that can make a positive impact in your life.

This process will work as soon as you start putting it into practice. Consider that the more you put yourself out there, the higher the chances of good things happening.  If these changes cause a little fear, then congratulations!  You’re alive and you’re human.  Yay!  Become aware of what you are feeling and then focus on the potential great benefits that will come to your life as a result of you stepping out of your comfort zone. Arm yourself with courage, breathe deeply, count to three, and DO IT! Now is the time to start.

Change the way you think and live and you will change your life path for the better.

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