Trust Your Gut Insticts

It’s important that you trust your gut instincts, regardless of what anybody may think, feel or say. Not everybody is capable of seeing the vision that you have set for yourself and for your life.  Not everybody can see those possibilities the way you so clearly can so don’t expect anything from anybody else.

Take the words of others with a grain of salt and follow-thru with goals.  This means that if you have a great idea, you follow through with it.  If you want to feel achieve your goals, this is a must.  Way too many people give up on a great idea or plan because somebody else made a negative or just plain ridiculous idea about it.  Refuse to allow anybody to snuff out your flame of inspiration and creation.   

Remember, if you don’t make choices by yourself and trust your gut instincts, you’re letting somebody else choose for you.  This isn’t an option when making important decisions in your life.

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