Ready To Stop Smoking? Find Out With My Scale

Ready To Stop Smoking? Find Out With My Scale

I created the Smoking Cessation Readiness Scale because it’s very important to me and my colleagues that anybody who comes into my office completely quits cigarettes. You probably aren’t surprised to hear that a person can seek out help to quit smoking but not be committed to being completely smoke free. That decreases the chance of the work that we are doing working. My scale helps you to know where you are in your readiness to quit smoking for good. I’ll go over it with you now.

My Smoking Cessation Readiness Scale goes from 0 to 10. 0 stands for you not wanting to quit. 5. Is the number at which, you kind of want to quit smoking but at the same time don’t … to rephrase that… It means your not committed. And 10 is the number at which come hell or high water, you are quitting for sure and you are just coming in to get the support you need so you can be totally free of cigarettes… It’s where you already have the attitude that you are done with cigarettes and you’re just coming in because you know that hypnosis is very effective for smoking cessation. At my office, we only take clients who are at least an 8.5. Whenever I have people tell me that they are at a 5 or 6, I tell them, work on your commitment and when you are ready, then come in. One woman actually countered, “Wait… you mean, you won’t take my money.” I said yes. Yes out of integrity. If a person is a number such as a 5, That’s a half and half chance. I don’t know about you but I don’t like those odds. It matters to me and my colleagues that our sessions work for people. Especially when it comes to smoking cessation, it could be the one thing that makes the most positive difference in a person’s life. The way I see it, our sessions might spare a person from disease or even death which is why we really want to nip it entirely.

If you are somebody who is looking to quit, it’s important that you know that while seeking help to quit smoking is important, it’s you taking total responsibility of quitting that will make the biggest difference. It’s your readiness to change along with our sessions that will catapult success and freedom.

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