Is There Such a Thing As Being Too Nice?


Is There Such a Thing As Being Too Nice?

Is there such a thing a s being too nice?  Yes…Only if you are so accommodating, patient, giving and understanding to the point where you ended up getting hurt or put in a bad situation.  Especially if you have the tendency of being so accommodating to the point to where you keep getting hurt, then it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.  It’s important to think, why did this happen?  And if it’s happened before, why does it keep happening?  It could be for a variety of different reasons… maybe even a combination of a few.  These may include:  The need or desire for approval from others or a learned pattern of putting others first before yourself.  Both of these can be tied to learned survival mechanisms that you picked up as a kid to be able to cope with whatever negative things were going on in your life back then.  Either way, it all goes back to the basics of self-love.  Many times we don’t realize that by focusing on the wants and needs of others that we can end up not only not honoring ourselves put enabling negative behavior in others.  And what’s worse is that that other person might have gotten so use to getting their way, getting you to acquiesce, that the moment you say no more, they become indignant.  That’s because they are so use to you giving in… and in some cases, caving in, that now they feel entitled.  If you’re currently going through this now, know that you’re not alone.  I’ve recently learned this painful lesson myself but I’m a wiser person for it and trust, it won’t happen again.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be a nice person as long as you have boundaries, you honor yourself and feel comfortable with the idea of saying no when you need to.  Borrow my mindset and I think you’ll find yourself in a much better situation.

Ok my friends… I hope you’re having a great day!  Feel free to give this video a like and I like forward to chatting with you in my next video.


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