Highly Successful People With Low Self-Esteem


Highly Successful People With Low Self-Esteem

Are you a successful person suffering from functional low-esteem? In the same way that an alcoholic can be a functional alcoholic who meets all of their obligations, there are many people out there who are able to function at a high level, regardless of their low self-esteem. A person can be so successful that nobody would probably ever imagine that they didn’t feel good about themselves. I’m talking about people who are able to go about their day to day, meeting deadlines and even excelling in their careers regardless of the fact that they have low self-worth. I’ve particularly seen this in people who suffer from high functioning anxiety.

People who have high functioning anxiety are type A people, highly successful overachievers who are meticulous to the point of being perfectionists. While not all people that have high functioning anxiety experience a low self-esteem, I have seen the combination of both quite a bit. In situations like these a person may not even able to see that they have a low self-esteem if to the rest of the world, they look like a success. Some people can feel really driven to succeed because on a subconscious level their minds think that that’s the way they are going to win the approval of others. The problem is that no amount of success will ever cure low self-esteem and low self-worth. That’s why it can feel like a neverending climb that can ultimately drain a person emotionally. Usually, it isn’t until negative scenarios come up or things don’t go as planned and the person is no longer ridiculously busy that their insecurities come up.

If I’ve described you, don’t stress out, we’re all human. The most important thing is that you’re now aware of what you needed to be aware of. You’re next step is going to be to get to the core of that low self-esteem. For some of you, the thought of that might sound scary. You may fear that what has been driving your success is going to disappear on you. That’s not going to happen. You can continue to be successful or once again be successful without functioning from a place of fear. If anything, you can find yourself experiencing success from a place of strength and empowerment where you feel really good about yourself. That alone will put you in a much better position for accomplishing your goals.

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