When Is An Opportunity A Good Opportunity?


When Is An Opportunity A Good Opportunity?

Not all opportunities are good opportunities. Here is how you can tell whether you need to jump on an opportunity or pass on it.

A good opportunity is an opportunity if it doesn’t come at the cost of somebody coercing you to do something that goes against your moral grain or values.

#2 goes with #1. It’s something that you are not going to feel embarrassed about later because it’s not something that makes you dishonor or debase yourself.

What you will be gaining in the short term from this opportunity is also in line with your long term goals.

It doesn’t lessen your quality of life. So for example, Things like having a personal life and the time to unwind are important.

It doesn’t hurt your ability to get other great future opportunities.

Especially, if you have momentum and there are other potential opportunities in the horizon, you don’t want to tie yourself with an opportunity that might cancel out an even better one, so you want to choose wisely.

Follow this guide and you’ll find that you know what’s right or not right for you.


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