How To Stop Trying To Please Everyone


How To Stop Trying To Please Everyone

Have you noticed how you lose self-respect and self-confidence by trying to please others? It only hurts you. It makes it so that you’re always worried that you won’t get the approval of others. It’s a horrible thing to be functioning from a place of fear all the time. It also puts you in a Less-than situation where you are always a step below somebody else and because of that you’re always having to look up to somebody else for your personal piece of mind. Thirdly, It makes you doubt yourself because you get so use to taking cues from what somebody else thinks that you forget to think for yourself. That only leads to indecision and you doubting yourself.

If your goal is to be happy, then you’ve got to start living life on your terms. Start listening to your gut instincts. There’s a part of you that knows what you need to do and even if in the beginning you doubt yourself because you’re just not use to listening to yourself, go with what comes you and start taking those risks. That’s what everybody who is in a healthy mental space is doing. It’s a part of life. Stop trying to play it safe because it’s an illusion. If you make it so that you’re always jumping at the whims of others, then you are never whole and complete with yourself. Now that’s what I call risky. Instead, bring your focus inwards and before making a decision ask yourself, “Will doing this make me happier… will it be better for me?” That’s the kind of conversations you want to start having. Make it so that your happiness, regardless of anybody else, is once again your compass. Do that and you’ll find that your self-respect and self-confidence are restored. Those are two things that you deserve to have.



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