The Mental Game of Sports Performance


The Mental Game of Sports Performance

Regardless of what your sport is the reality is, you have to have a strong mental game. If your mind is not in the right space, then you end up sabotaging yourself and you end up not performing at the level that you know you could.

When your mind is in that right place, it supports you and it makes it so that, you excelling, you doing the game, doing things the way you need to comes naturally to you. There are two main things that we work on and when I say this I say in general because I’ve seen people asking me for help with these topics across the board, it makes no difference what the sport is.

Number one is that often athletes tend to obsess about their mistakes. When you do that what ends up happening is that you stay stuck there, you stay stuck there in that place of failure instead of being able to move on and succeed, because the reality is that everybody commits mistakes, it’s what you do after that that makes a huge difference.

The second thing that we often work on is making it so that you don’t compare yourself to other people, that’s the kiss of death in all parts of life, nothing good comes from that and the moment you do that, you put yourself in a position where you have a low self-confidence and you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

I just finished hypnotizing somebody for the second time, this girl is gonna be competing in the Olympics. I’ve already hypnotized her the first time and she told me that she just finished doing a tournament and she could totally tell the difference. It’s amazing what can happen when you have your mind on the right page, when everybody, every part of you is online it makes a world of a difference so if you’re an athlete that needs that extra push, you need to come in for hypnotherapy, because it’s what can take you from where you’re at now to where you want to be.

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