Stop People Pleasing and Learn to Say No


Stop People Pleasing and Learn to Say No

I can’t express enough how important it is that you use your voice. What do I mean? I mean that in the same way that you say yes to certain things, that you feel comfortable saying no to others.

You don’t always have to say yes to everybody. You don’t own anything to anybody. Unless you have little kids, the only person that you are responsible for is you. A lot of times we have problems speaking up and staying true to what we know is right for ourselves because as a kid we didn’t have a voice.

This can happen when you had a parent that’s a dictator, a total authoritarian where you had no voice or say when you were a kid. It can also happen when you had a perfectionist parent that constantly made you doubt yourself by telling you that you were always wrong.

Those things are over. You are no longer a child, you are now an adult person who can think for themselves, so even if it means saying no and having a person feel bad about it, that’s ok. You don’t own anything to anybody and you are not responsible for how other people take it.

Make sure that you honour yourself in everything you do and that you never put yourself in harm’s way or put yourself in bad situations that make life difficult or uncomfortable for you, because you deserve better.

I hope you liked this little video. I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Bye.


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