A Relaxing Mothers Day Treat!

Good Morning!

I’m really excited to present to you some great gift options.

They can be for either you mom or for a loved one who really needs the emotional help right now.

And what is great about all of these is that they make a difference in how your loved one actually feels.

Who couldn’t use that right now?

#1. A Gift Certificate
With so much stress, everybody could use a customized session that helps your loved mom or loved one in the way that they particularly need it most.

#2. A Mental Mantras Gift
Here you have a variety of items to choose from and they all start at $33 and up.

The bracelets alone are super empowering!

And the great thing is that each and every item comes with one or a few Mind Training Audios.

To check those out go to: http://mentalmantras.com

To place your gift certificate order, feel free to reach out.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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