How is Functioning From a Total Place of Love?

I want to share something that touched my heart.
Imagine that I’m doing the facetime part of a session.
I’ve already gone over my client’s goals.
For confidentiality’s sake, we are going to call her Beth.
Beth is strong.
Even through facetime, you can pick up on that strength.
She is somebody who has been through a lot.
She’s lived through her fair share of things and even so, she has always shown up for her loved ones.
In fact, she just finished telling me that she is now taking care of her elderly mother while also working.
She’s also a mother herself and she has a significant other in her life.
It really touched me when she told me that she wasn’t just doing this session for herself.
She was doing it for her loved ones.
She wanted to be a better person for herself and for her loved ones.
And in that way, she wanted to open their eyes to all of what was possible.
This was a woman who was hell bent on being a cause in the improvement of her loved one’s lives.
When she said that, it impacted me.
Beth was functioning from a total place of love.
I knew in that moment that this woman had a good heart. : )
And it’s that same kind of mindset that we celebrate today in so many other women today, many which are mothers.
So to all of you moms, KEEP SHINING, even if sometimes you need to do it in the darkness!
Happy Mother’s Day!

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