It’s safe to live. It´s safe to die.

Yogananda once mentioned that we are like a wave that ebbs and flows. The end is not the end. It is only a transition point.
Here is a great quote of his: Even a particle of matter or a wave of energy is indestructible, as science has proved; the soul or spiritual essence of man is also indestructible. Matter undergoes change; the soul undergoes changing experiences. Radical changes are termed death, but death or a change in form does not change or destroy the spiritual essence. – Paramahansa #Yogananda

Pray not for those that no longer have their physical body but for the loved ones that remain as they will need to come to terms with what has happened.

My heart goes out to #VanessaBryant and her girls. Sending prayers and love!

Rest in peace @KobeBryant and #gigibryant

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