Don’t let anybody dull your shine

How do you allow somebody else to dull your light?
By allowing other people’s comments to get to you. When you do that, you usually give into anger, hurt and/or shame.
That is how other people attempt to dampen your light, especially when they see you shining bright.
Anger, hurt and/or shame can stifle you in such a way where you no longer feel comfortable being you. . . where you start to doubt yourself in ways that you normally never would.
You can actually so to speak lose yourself by internalizing the actions and words of other people.

That’s why the next time anything of any unkind nature is said and done, take a moment to take a step back and reinforce your positive boundaries.
Take your own side! Be there for yourself.
Keep the positive in and the negative out!
You being at peace with yourself is the only way that you are going to reach your full potential.

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