What does hypnosis feel like? (Video)


I’ve heard many clients refer to hypnosis as a mental massage. For some people, it’s so blissfully relaxing that their body just lets go. They might feel their body become heavy and they may not be able to lift up their hands or move. For others, yeah, it’s very relaxing but if they wanted to move, they could, they just don’t feel like it. However you experience your hypnosis session, you will find that hypnosis in a therapeutic form is a safe, natural and soothing experience. In fact, I’ve had clients tell me that when I announced that I was going to bring them out, they thought, “No…. not yet.” You are always told everything that is going on and the process is explained as we go so that that you can totally let go, relax and allow your mind to really absorb the suggestions. Not only is hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy a very relaxing experience but it’s also an empowering one as you start seeing the changes you want take place.

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