Things To Stop Doing When You are Looking to Improve Your Mental Health

I want to take a moment to go over a list of things that you should stop doing when you are specifically looking to improve your mental health.

In general, when you want to change one thing in your life, it’s important to assess what other changes need to happen in order for that to happen. Many of the things we do and the situations that we put ourselves in can ultimately decide whether or not we will reach our mental health goals.

A lot of people don’t really consider that which is why they keep doing things that are triggers for past negative emotions, anxiety and depression. That is why I want to give you some good examples of these. This way you can assess whether there are certain behaviors that you need to adjust for the sake of reaching your mental health goals.

Especially if you are somebody who is looking to release past trauma, you definitely want to consider these.

About Sasha Carrion:
Sasha is a Certified Hypnotherapist / Life Coach residing in Los Angeles, CA. Her reason for deciding to work in the self-help and personal Development world was a very personal one. At the age of five, her parents disappeared without a trace. It wouldn’t be until 24 years later that she would find out the chilling truth of what had happened. During this time, Hypnosis in the form Hypnotherapy and NLP were the only things that helped relieve her anxiety and depression from having lived through so much trauma. She now focuses on helping people overcome their blocks so they can live the lives they choose to live.

You can see Sasha’s empathetic and caring style on both English and Spanish speaking TV and radio shows. This proud Latina coach always makes sure that every video is always available to Spanish speakers.

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