You Letting Go = You Being in Control

There are some things in life that you must absolutely let go of because they are a detriment to your ability to live a full life in the present. It’s so important that you let that s#*t go.

The more you hang on to the past, the more miserable you will be.

I’ve even seen it where a person becomes sick with some form of chronic disease because the dis-ease in their mind has caused this toxicity in their body.

Letting go of something negative in your past doesn’t mean that you are saying that it was trivial or that you are saying it was ok.

It just says that it means that you choose to take control of your life by being in control of your happiness.

So you see, you letting go = you being in control.

Make sense?

2 thoughts on “You Letting Go = You Being in Control”

  1. Cathie Lynn Lamm

    Love love love this!
    What’s the most effective way to stop remembering all kinds of unacceptable mean, negative behavior I’ve encountered from others that from time to time plays like a record in my mind? Sometimes when the memory pops up I say out loud, “Erase erase erase“ which stops at for the moment but then it comes back later, or in a week, etc. Suggestions? THANK YOU!!

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