Being in the moment

I recently had the opportunity to snorkel with this beautiful sea lion on Isabela Island in the Galpagos. Pay close attention to the sea lion’s eyes and you’ll notice that at least one of eyes was totally white. I believe that he was probably blind in that one eye, yet look at how he played and played, enjoying the moment. What a beautiful example of being in the present, even when things aren’t perfect.

You may find it interesting that a common request that I get is that people want to live in the present, as opposed to always thinking of all the negative things that could happen. That stuff usually never happens anyway and if anything those thoughts only serve to torture you and make you miserable.

We function so much better when we believe in ourselves and in our abilities, regardless of what may be going on around us. That’s why it’s so important to have a successful mindset. When you function from a positive place, you are able to experience the beauty within you and around you.

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