What Are The Benefits of Having a High Self-esteem?

What are the benefits of having a high self-esteem?
When your self-worth goes up, things start to change, for the better. It’s as though you took the blinders that had been skewing your perspective off.
Instead of focusing on your imperfections, You’re able to see the good in yourself and you understand that it outshines anything else.
You feel yourself capable of reaching goals. That includes big ones.
Your inner talk goes from I can’t to I can do that.
Your mind is calmer and you’re able to go with the flow because you no longer obsess about what other people might be thinking about you.
You have positive boundaries making it so that you’re not at the mercy of what other people say and do.
You dream bigger instead of settling because you feel yourself capable of great things.
You know that you deserve the best. Because of it, you’re willing to give yourself the best.
You feel genuinely good about yourself which is why you take good care of yourself.
You also see yourself as somebody who is worthy of love.
You no longer allow people to manipulate you and you feel comfortable expressing yourself, saying what you need to say when you need to say it.
When you increase your self worth, you no longer settle. Instead, you step into your power.

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