Tips To Get Rid of Anticipatory Anxiety – Fear of the Future and Unknown


Tips to Help You Overcome Anticipatory Anxiety

Do you find yourself fearing that something bad is going to happen? Does your mind construct scenarios of all the horrible things that could occur? Even when things are going well, many people find themselves feeling as if at any moment, the other shoe is going to drop, and everything will be lost or ruined. This type of thought pattern makes you feel unnecessarily negative and anxious. Worse still, you can find yourself feeling unsafe, which is no way to live.

Here are some thoughts which can help you to reduce anticipatory anxiety:

1. The truth is that nobody knows what is going to happen. Nobody can predict the future, and there is a certain level of uncertainty in everyone’s lives. It’s better to embrace uncertainty and if anything, be excited for the good things that the future can bring.

2. Worry and pessimism can cause stagnation. That’s because imagining all of the terrible things that could occur can paralyse you with fear. It can make you too afraid, too anxious, to take an action that may end with negative results. Having a rationally positive mindset can only help you to make positive things happen in your life.

3. If you focus too much on the disastrous stories that your mind makes, you may come to believe in it, even though it might be one possible scenario of millions. Focus on what you do know, and practice being in the present. Remind yourself that the disasters you imagined previously did not occur and take note that in this moment, you are ok.

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