Value yourself

Value yourself and your talents


Value yourself
Feel valuable at your core and know that the contributions that you have to make to this world are unique to you


People tend not to value themselves and the many talents and abilities that they possess.  Because they underestimate themselves, they underestimate their ideas and never build upon them.  Their goals become dreams that they push to the side and yet somehow “hope” they will happen.  The distractions of everyday life become the reasons or should I say excuses for not accomplishing goals.  The end result is a lack of results.  The book that a person may have been wanting to write, doesn’t get written or the business that they had wanted to start, doesn’t get started.

Maybe it’s looking for a new job.  Maybe the person has a tendency to look on and off and then uses the excuse of their not being anything available when in reality they aren’t being consistent enough in their job search and aren’t submitting their resumes as much as they could.  If you are somebody who hasn’t been following through with his or her goals, then its important that you analyze why you haven’t been honoring yourself.  Maybe it’s fear, a fear of failure or a fear of success.  One thing for sure, you valuing yourself can help counter any fear.  It can make you bolder and braver than ever.

When you value yourself, you are on your team with you being able to count on yourself.  It can make it so that even when things aren’t easy, you find yourself beholden to yourself… because you feel yourself worthy of that.

If you are at a pivotal point in your life where you want to make positive changes in your life, then you need to start changing how you see and feel about yourself.  It’s time that you know yourself as the powerful force that you are. Feel valuable at your core and know that the contributions that you have to make to this world are unique to you.

No one else in this world can do what you can do in the exact way that you can do it.  The more you value yourself, your ideas and what you have to offer, the more empowered you will be to take control of your life.  You’ll find yourself compelled to go after everything you want in life.  You’ll go from somebody who just wishes that things happen to somebody who one way or another is bound to make their goals a reality in his or her life.  It all starts with you valuing yourself.

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