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What Do You Do If A Guy Doesn’t Call or Text You?


If a guy does not call you back


A Guy Doesn’t Call or Text You and you are stressing out because of it?  If so, let’s nip in the bud all the craziness that has probably started going through your mind.

#1.  Stop making up stories that explain why he hasn’t gotten back to you.  The bottom line is you don’t know and it may have nothing to do with you.

#2.  Stay calm.  Take a moment to take a few deep breathes and with every exhale start releasing any ridiculous negative thoughts that might be running through your mind.  Nothing has changed.  You’re good.

Stay confident.  You’re confidence is in no way contingent on somebody else being into you.  You have a lot to offer.  The right guy is going to know that.

#3.  There is no shortage of people on this earth so stop acting as though this guy is the last man on earth.  If anything, our earth is overpopulated.  That means that there are plenty of possibilities for love out there.

#4.  The right guy is going to be a guy that is really into you.  You’re not going to have to wonder “does he like me”.  When a man wants a woman, he will move mountains for her.

#5.  This is one of those times in life where it benefits you to think, what is meant to be will be no matter what and if it’s not, that’s ok.  Somebody that’s a much better fit will come along.  Either way, you’re ok.

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