Beet, a Big Ally for Your Weight Loss Goals and for Your Health

Beet, a Big Ally for Your Weight Loss Goals and for Your Health

Beet is a big ally for your weight loss goals and for your health in general. These days, I almost always bring my lunch to work. It’s the best way of making sure that I eat healthy and that I actually eat, since I always have so much to do. Today, I made myself a salad that has nutritional yeast and micro greens in it. I also threw in some beets in there as well.

Years ago, I had a client who had a very severe skin condition. I can’t remember what it was but I remember him telling me that his dermatologist was ready to do some kind of laser on him. He decided that he wasn’t going to keep putting all of this medicine on his face and forehead and that he was going to heal himself. He did it with beets. After seeing how bad his condition was and how he was able to clear it all up, I always make sure to have some beets from time to time.

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