All Hail to the Supermom Who Saves Each Day

All Hail to the Supermom Who Saves Each Day

Supermom!. The life of a mom is akin to that of a Marvel comic super-hero. It’s a self-less life that consists of giving, loving and then giving some more. We are always on call, ready to leap bounds and move mountains for the purpose of taking care of our little ones.

I know that in my case, since my son was born, I now have supersonic hearing. It makes no difference that his bedroom isn’t directly close to ours. The moment he starts to make any sound, my bat ears can hear it. On the few occasions when by the good grace of God, I’ve managed to get away to lets say Target to go grab a few items, I found that the moment a small child started crying, my ears perked up and I thought, “Where are you?” only to remember that that wasn’t my kid.

We moms save the day, every day, by somehow managing to juggle everything even though we often feel like we are barely pulling it all together. There is the one-on-one attention that we have to give each child, taking care of a home which can include: cooking, cleaning, and then cleaning some more, washing clothes, teaching, disciplining and making sure that all of our child/children’s needs are met and errands. Add a career to the mix and at times you can feel as though you are failing because you’re barely getting everything done.

In reality, it’s the best that could have been done given all of what is going on. And even when we do have somebody helping us to get some things done, somehow we still don’t have extra time. It doesn’t make sense, but with kids, that’s the way it is.

This pin is a celebration of all mothers who fight the good fight day and night!

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