The No Deprivation Attitude: What I Really Want Is to Feel and Look Good.

What We Really Want Is to Feel and Look Good

To feel and look good, that’s what we really want. Does the idea of losing weight make you dread the idea of depriving yourself?.

Sometimes, we think that what we really want to do is to indulge but in reality, what we really want to do is feel comfortable in our bodies. When you feel comfortable in your body, you have a higher self-confidence. Because of it, you feel free to be seen and heard. In every way, your self-expression is improved.

Weight loss or should I call it weight release is about having the clarity of knowing what you really want: To be healthy and look and feel it. Having this clarity can work wonders for anybody who wants to take control and release excess weight.

The next time somebody brings cookies, cupcakes and donuts to the office, remember this image and remember that what you really want is to wear anything you want and have it flatter you. What you really want is to energetic, strong and flexible. It’s worth it to say to junk food.

Close your eyes and remember a time when you were at a healthy normal weight and you’ll see, feel and know that what I’m saying is true.

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