I Can Count on Myself: This Attitude is Powerful

I can count on myself. This attitude is power

The idea that you can always count on yourself is a powerful attitude.  I may not know the future but what I do know is I can count on myself.

This image was inspired by all the trauma that I experienced as a child and the countless numbers of people that come in to see me for the purpose of releasing the past trauma that has been holding them back.

When you’ve experienced childhood trauma, particularly when experiencing situations where your safety and well-being felt compromised, you can find yourself feeling anxious and worried in the present. That’s because your mind keeps wanting to extrapolate potential future scenarios based on what you’ve already lived through. On some level, our minds can anticipate more of the same.

The truth is that nobody knows the future. Even the most lauded psychic doesn’t get everything right. Nobody knows what the future holds. What I do know is that come what may, I will figure it and as I do it, I will be loving myself unconditionally. This is my promise to myself.

Feel free to borrow this attitude and make it a part of your life perspective.

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