Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs: The Fish Story


Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs: The Fish Story.  Is it possible that you’re limiting yourself? I ask this because many times we do and we don’t even realize it. Many times, we’re like the fish in the story that I’m about to share with you.

So imagine that scientists did a study, in which they placed all of these fish in this tank, so imagine that there’s this tank and they keep feeding these fish, and these fish keep eating. Well what ended up happening, was that they placed this glass divider inside the tank and that barrier made it so that every single time the fish went to reach the food, they kept bumping into the glass, well they bumped into it so much so, that at one point, it taught them that it was impossible for them to reach the food, so they stopped trying. Now, what the scientists then did, was that they then remove the partition, so imagine that the partition is gone, but the fish stopped trying to actually reach the food, they didn’t even try at all. Why? Because they became so conditioned to the idea that they were unable to reach the food, that they ended up dying.

Horrible, right? Yet our minds do the same stuff all the time, and we don’t even realize it. That’s because our minds are very good at distracting us with a hundred different things, that are never going to bring us the happiness, love, health, wealth and greatness that we would achieve by reaching our goals. So I challenge you today to really look within and survey what you need to do to reach your goals, and survey what limiting beliefs need to be discarded, because it is those barriers that are holding you back and it’s really you that’s holding yourself back.

You remove those, you remove that barrier, that glass barrier so to speak, and then everything becomes possible.

Well, I’ve left you here with some food for thought. I hope you’re having a great day and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

About Sasha Carrion:
Mind Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, Sasha Carrion has helped plenty of people to reach their goals and be successful. For more information visit my website.


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