Lifelong Bad Eating Habits


Lifelong Bad Eating Habits

Imagine that the other day I go to this little cafe for lunch and I’m sitting there and a family of three walk in, a woman, a man and a little girl who’s probably something like maybe close to two years old and so what was very interesting about them was that at one point the wife asks the husband as she’s standing in front of the soda fountain machine if she gets him a drink, if he will split it with her child and he says yeah so she then proceeds to pour a cup of soda for her daughter and her husband.

What was wild to me was that in her mind it was totally acceptable to give her daughter that soda and in my head I’m thinking oh my god, that’s just like a recipe for disaster, because that little girl is already learning to consume processed foods and there’s all kinds of sugar, there’s all kinds of crap in that soda, that little girl does not need to be drinking that stuff and it just reminded me of how so many of our eating patterns go back to our childhoods.

There are certain things that we know to eat so well that we don’t even have to think about them. We automatically in just a snap of a finger do them in a very thoughtless way because that’s what we’ve always done and that’s why when it comes to changing one’s eating patterns it really takes reinforcement and you need to have that support so that your mind can learn a new pattern, one that’s conductive to you being happy, healthy and feeling comfortable in your own body so if you’re somebody who has really been struggling with food issues know that a lot of it is not your fault, a lot of it is just bad conditioning.

It’s just having done the same thing over again. The good thing is
that you can retrain your mind and it is completely possible to take control of your eating habits and make it so that you’re once again in the driver’s seat, living life the way you want to live.

Maybe it’s one of these situations where you’ve never experienced them and so even if you don’t know that it is possible to change your eating habits and it is possible to have a healthy relationship with food.

Alright guys, it’s pretty much night time here in LA. I’m gonna head out. Have a wonderful night.


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