You can let go of the past and move on.

One of my childhood memories of when I still had my parents was going to Santa’s Village. The irony is that even though it’s supposed to be a super happy place for kids, it wasn’t for me. I can’t even fully remember why. I just remember being upset. For all I know my dad might have been drunk again.
Fast forward to now, my ex and I did a coparenting trip with our little guy. He had so much fun. He took his first picture with Santa. The guy played a legit Santa so it was really special. I’m really happy that Kai is living a very different reality from what I did.
My son’s life is proof that it is possible to heal trauma and move on. You can let go of the past and move on.
A mixture of putting in the work + having the right tools can make a world of a difference. You bring the commitment and follow through and I will give you the tools you need. That’s how you can create the change that you want to experience in 2020. ✨?? .

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