Things will only change if you make them change

Years ago, I saw the saddest comment on one of my youtube videos.
It was on a video having to do with love.

The man mentioned that something like 20 years earlier, he had been said no to by the woman that he was in love with and had since then not pursued any love interests.
He also had a job where he felt stagnant.
He now commented on how he now had nothing to look forward in life.

You could feel the the hopelessness behind his words.

Part of the problem was that he hadn’t taken responsibility for his life.
He had let that one negative moment define his life.

And it sounded like he had that same conformist attitude (settling) in other parts of his life.
He so to speak stumbled and fell into a ditch and never got himself back up.

The only way that we can count on good things happening is by making them happen.
Even when you experience unfortunate situations or moments, remember that you have will.

You have a choice.
It’s all up to you whether you will be hopeless and depressed or empowered and thrive.

Make the right choice my friend.

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