Set Boundaries that Keep You in Your Own Power

Have you found that lately you’ve been experiencing all kinds of negative emotions?
And it’s not just your own doubts and fears about what’s going on.
If so, then let me guess that you are probably on the “empath” “intuitive” side?
I’ve noticed the same thing. All around the world, people are experiencing a variety of tough emotions right now.
If you are an empath, you may find yourself feeling particularly off at times.
In the same way that birds tune in with each other and communicate on a micro scale to where they fly in the same flight formation, we all are connected.
You are probably picking up on all kinds of stuff right now.
That is why, from time to time, I suggest you practice some form of boundary setting ritual.
This way, it will help set boundaries that keep you in your own power.
Especially right now, self-care is really important.

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