Repetitive Negative Thoughts During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mental health during the coronavirus | covid-19 pandemic: The lockdowns and quarantines have given us plenty of time to think. It’s one thing to be mindful, to be become aware of something you want to change but it’s a completely different thing when you are thinking repetitive negative thoughts. Those depressing thoughts can be harmful to your mental health at a time when you need to be as level-headed as possible. In this video, I go over a pattern that I’m seeing in so many people. I mention it because it’s very important that you understand a larger pattern that is impacting all of humanity. If I describe you in my video, be sure to get help. Talk to a friend, family member, call a help line, get traditional therapy or sign up for hypnotherapy. Regardless of what you decide to do, get help. You’re life and emotional health are too important not too. I’m sending you lots of love!

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